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3 Common Mortgage Questions

It’s December. And that means you don’t have time to read long and boring posts about getting a mortgage. What instead? THIS lightning-round mortgage FAQ!

Should I shop around

for the best rate? 

A thousand times YES! And don’t worry about stepping on

lenders' toes. Tell them you’d like to work with them, but

you’re shopping around for the best rate.

Will multiple mortgage loan applications

hurt my credit score? 

Maybe by a few points, but not enough to keep you from comparison

shopping. As long as credit inquiries are made within a few days of one

another, each is typically counted as a single inquiry for

credit-scoring purposes. 

How far in advance should I apply

for a mortgage? 

The sooner, the better, but apply only when you’re

almost certain to buy. Pre-approval letters are valid

anywhere from 30-90 days. 

There, that was quick, wasn’t it? Have more questions? I have answers! DM me, I’d love to help.

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