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Go from renting to buying your dream home.

I’m thrilled to share that I have a partnership with Landis, the homeownership program I trust. Landis’ mission is to guide renters on their path to homeownership, and it’s the perfect solution for people who don’t have enough saved for a down payment or a high enough credit score to qualify for a mortgage. Here’s how it works:

  1. Apply online to see if you qualify. The application is free and won’t impact your credit.

  2. Once approved, Landis will give you a home budget, and I’ll take you to see houses.

  3. Find your dream home. Landis will buy it and you’ll move in as a renter.

  4. Buy your home from Landis. They’ll provide free credit coaching and a down payment savings plan to help you get there.

Contact me to learn more about the Landis program. Let’s start finding your dream home today!

Give me a ring: (410) 701-0802

Or simply apply to our Landis program below.

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