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Is New Construction Right For You?

You when you’re watching HGTV:

A fixer-upper would be fun!

You any other time:

Forget the dust and debris. I want new. 

It’s easy to glamorize buying and then renovating to your liking.

The reality is life is full, you are busy, and new construction may

be exactly what fits your family and lifestyle. Just think of the

perks of new construction:

- Low maintenance

- High-efficiency appliances and HVAC

- The latest smart home technology features

- Option to choose the floor plan and finishes if early enough

Wanna chat if new is right for you? Send me a DM, and let’s connect! I’d love to show you what’s up and coming in our city.  Let’s connect!

Keichel Lewter, Realtor ®
Call or text me 410-701-0802
eXp Realty LLC 888-860-7369

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